Discover the healing powers of BetaHeart

BetaHeart is a great tasting healthy oats and barley drink rich in beta-glucan. A daily serve delivers over 3g beta-glucan, which when consumed as part of a healthy diet with healthy fats, is scientifically proven to reduce cholesterol. Forget the effort of eating over three bowls of oatmeal every day to reach the same amount of beta-glucan (3g) needed to maintain a healthy heart – Try BetaHeart and make the better start for your heart. BetaHeart is also high in fibre and is Low GI.


It’s the easiest way to lower your cholesterol. One sachet a day keeps cholesterol at bay. You would need to eat 3 bowls of oatmeal for the same benefits of just one BetaHeart sachet. The convenient sachet, is perfect for travel. Enjoy BetaHeart by itself with water or milk or mix it with your favourite smoothie or breakfast cereal.

100% Natural

BetaHeart is non-dairy, sugar free, lactose free and there are no preservatives, chemicals or artificial colourings. It’s an excellent complement to medications, progress should be monitored in consultation with your doctor, diabetic nurse or dietition.

Tastes Great

BetaHeart is the best tasting, natural way to lower your cholesterol. It’s the only natural cholesterol reducing drink that is available in Swiss Chocolate and French Vanilla.

Added benefits

BetaHeart is rich in fibre and is low GI (<10), which helps with general wellbeing and sustained energy. BetaHeart also helps improve proper bowel function and promotes healthy digestion.

How does BetaHeart lower cholesterol?


BetaHeart contains the soluble fibre Beta-Glucan, which is an LDL cholesterol fighting superhero. Compared to regular oatmeal products, BetaHeart contains over 400% more Beta-Glucan, making it the best and tastiest option for lowering your cholesterol and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Studies have shown that in order to effect a reduction in ‘bad’ cholesterol you must consumer 3g of Beta-Glucan. BetaHeart contains over 3g of Beta-Glucan in each serve.

When consumed, the Beta-Glucan absorbs water within the body and dissolves to form a thick viscous gel.

This viscous gel helps dispel cholesterol by binding to bile acids in the digestive system.

Bile acids are made in the liver using LDL cholesterol and are normally recycled by our bodies for reuse. By encapsulating the bile acids, they are prevented from being reabsorbed, and are passed harmlessly out of the body.

The above three steps force the liver to synthesise new bile acids, by using LDL cholesterol from the blood, resulting in decreased blood cholesterol.