Discover more about this cholesterol fighting wonder

BetaHeart contains high concentrations of high molecular weight beta-glucan, a cholesterol-fighting superhero. Beta-glucan is a well-recognised type of bulk building soluble dietary fibre, which is an important part of our diet and essential for general wellbeing.

Beta-glucan is found in many plants, such as barley, oats, wheat, mushrooms and others. Microorganisms such as yeast and fungi can also contain Beta-glucan. However, barley contains the largest amount of beta-glucan at 3-11%, which is why there are many health benefits eating barley. BetaHeart is made with Barley beta-glucan, allowing for higher amounts of beta-glucan within our drink products.

So how does it work? Beta-glucan basically functions through mechanical effect. It attracts and absorbs water when ingested, causing the formation of a thick viscous gel. This high viscous gel is responsible for bulking the contents of the small intestine and decreasing transit time of food through the digestive track, which also helps create a positive glycaemic response.

However, the viscous beta-glucan helps dispel cholesterol by binding to bile acids in the digestive track. Bile acids contain the ‘bad’ cholesterol. By encapsulating the bile acids, they can then get passed harmlessly out of the body naturally. Bile acids are normally recycled and sent back to the liver for reuse. As such the liver has to synthesize new bile acids by extracting cholesterol from the blood. This results in decreased blood cholesterol levels.