BetaHeart is 100% natural and made from premium Australian oats and European barley powder rich in Beta-Glucan. Our Beta-Glucan is produced in a proprietary process that ensures the molecular weight of the Beta-Glucan is retained and preserved to the highest possible levels. This means that our Beta-Glucan produces higher viscosity in the upper gut, making BetaHeart more effective in reducing cholesterol levels.

When taken daily in the required quantity, it reduces LDL cholesterol. BetaHeartis also high in fibre and is low GI (<10).

What does BetaHeart do?
  • Lowers blood cholesterol levels within 6 weeks*

  • Restores regularity and promote healthier gut health

  • Increases dietary fibre intake

  • Improves bowel functions

  • Boosts the body natural immune mechanism

*In combination with a balanced diet with healthy fats.

How important is the percentage of Beta Glucan in powdered drink products?

Well, the most important part is the actual amount of beta-glucan in any given product. It can be difficult to understand where certain percentages are coming from, so what you should look at instead is the amount of grams of beta-glucan there is in a given product. BetaHeart has 400% more beta-glucan than the average product, meaning BetaHeart contains over 3 grams of beta-glucan.

Other products may claim to contain, let’s say, 50% beta-glucan. This can be deceiving, because this product is not saying that it has 50% MORE Beta-glucan, just that it is 50% beta-glucan. So, let’s say this product has a total weight of 4 grams. Therefore, because the product is 50% beta-glucan, the product only contains about 2 grams of beta-glucan – over a whole gram less than BetaHeart.

Scientific studies show that in order to help reduce cholesterol, a product must contain at least 3 grams of beta-glucan. BetaHeart contains over 3 grams of beta-glucan, making it super effective at reducing cholesterol. So, ultimately, while percentages may be relevant, the most important part is ensuring the amount of beta-glucan in a given product is at least 3 grams.

How does it work?

BetaHeart contains the soluble fibre beta-glucan – an LDL cholesterol fighting superhero.

  1. When consumed, the beta-glucan absorbs water within the body and dissolves to form a thick viscous gel.
  2. This viscous gel helps dispel cholesterol by binding to bile acids in the digestive system.
  3. Bile acids are made in the liver using LDL cholesterol and are normally recycled by our bodies for reuse. By encapsulating the bile acids, they are prevented from being reabsorbed, and are passed harmlessly out of the body.

The above three steps force the liver to synthesise new bile acids, by using LDL cholesterol from the blood, resulting in decreased cholesterol levels.

Is BetaHeart suitable for Diabetics?

BetaHeart is designed with the needs of all consumers in mind because we want to offer products that help everyone meet their nutritional needs.

BetaHeart does not contain any sugar, food colourings, artificial sweeteners, thickeners or preservatives. It is also low GI. Therefore, BetaHeart should be perfectly safe for diabetics to consume and help manage cholesterol as well. Before starting new health regimes or taking any nutritional supplements, it is always advisable to consult your physician first, especially if you have any pre-existing medical conditions such as diabetes.

What does BetaHeart contain?

BetaHeart contains a high concentration of the soluble fibre beta-glucan – a LDL cholesterol fighting superhero. It’s 100% natural and made from premium Australian oats and European Barley.

Does BetaHeart contain gluten?

Yes, BetaHeart may contain gluten.

If BetaHeart doesn’t contain any sugar, then why does it taste sweet?

At BetaHeart, we strive to offer you the best-tasting way to lower your cholesterol levels. Because of this, we found a way to keep our products sugar-free while still tasting awesome.

Our solution is Stevia, a plant extract that is 100% natural and 100% calorie-free. Stevia is a natural sweetener used in place of sugars. We use Stevia to lightly sweeten BetaHeart products in order to give your taste-buds a yummy experience and your heart a healthy boost.

In fact, according to initial indications of some research stevia may actually contribute to lower blood sugar levels!

How do I take BetaHeart?

Simply take one sachet of BetaHeart per day. Add it to 200ml of water, low fat milk or dairy alternative (like soy, almond or rice milk) for a delicious treat. Alternatively you can add it to your favourite smoothie or breakfast smoothie.

Can I eat breakfast oats instead?

To gain the daily 3 grams of Beta-Glucan required to reduce cholesterol, you would need to eat up to 3 bowls of oats per day.

Because BetaHeart is very low GI (<10), it serves to reduce the rate at which carbohydrates are digested. The starch content in BetaHeart is 10% – 15%, this significantly lower than regular oats (70%). In addition, the molecular density of beta-glucans contained in BetaHeart differentiates it from regular oats.

It is this molecular density that enhances the gel forming qualities and therefore efficacy in binding with bile acid, thus reducing cholesterol re-absorption.

When is the best time to take BetaHeart?

BetaHeart is best taken 5-10 minutes prior to meal times. This is because of BetaHeart’s role in managing the glycaemic impact of your food to manage your blood sugar levels, its impact on your rate of absorption, and its affect managing blood cholesterol levels and lipoprotein metabolism. BetaHeart is extremely soluble in water, easily digested and absorbed by the body. You should take BetaHeart at least once per day.

Can I stop my cholesterol medication if I take BetaHeart?

It is not advisable to stop taking any prescribed medications without consulting your physician first. The same goes for starting any supplemental, non-prescribed medications.

BetaHeart does not necessarily replace the function of cholesterol medications, as not all causes of high cholesterol levels are a matter of lifestyle choices. For some, high cholesterol may be the result of things out of their control, such as age, gender, and heredity.

BetaHeart is a useful tool in managing high cholesterol levels, but it is not necessarily the only way to lower high cholesterol. Before stopping any medications, please consult your physician in order to determine the best course of action for reducing your cholesterol levels. BetaHeart can very well be a major part of that course of action.

Are there any side effects?

BetaHeart has no side effects other than those that come from a high fibre diet. If you are unfamiliar with a high dietary fibre intake, you may feel ‘noisy’ in the stomach initially. This will normally resolve within the first week.

If problems persist – halve the dosage and be sure to drink enough fluids when eating BetaHeart.

What are the costs?

Each sachet is approx. $1.20.