Why BetaHeart?

Unlike many products that claim to reduce cholesterol levels, BetaHeart is 100% natural and made from premium Australian oats and European barley powder high in beta-glucan. Our beta-glucan is produced in a proprietary process that ensures the molecular weight of the beta-glucan is retained and preserved to the highest possible levels. This means that our beta-glucan produces higher viscosity in the upper gut, making BetaHeart more effective in reducing blood cholesterol levels.

In fact, as opposed to the amount of beta-glucan in typical oatmeal, bran and wheat products, BetaHeart has 400% more, allowing you to capitalize on the amazing health benefits of beta-glucan without having to eat mass amounts of these more regular sources. Consuming just one sachet of BetaHeart per day means a daily intake of more than 3 grams of beta-glucan per serve – an amount greater than what the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) claims is required to reduce cholesterol levels.

BetaHeart also offers consumers a wide array of other health benefits for general wellbeing. As BetaHeart contains high concentrations of soluble fibre from oats and barley, it works much the same way as high fibre foods. This means that BetaHeart adds bulk to digested food, which helps it pass through the digestive tract at a normal rate, thereby restoring regularity and healthier gut health. By increasing your fibre intake BetaHeart may also help activate and strengthen you health system. Finally, BetaHeart is low GI, which can help maintain sustained energy levels.

And, last but not least, BetaHeart offers you the amazing taste of its chocolate and vanilla cholesterol-fighting drink products!

Available in tasty Chocolate and delicious Vanilla

BetaHeart drink products come in two delicious flavours, chocolate and vanilla. You may purchase packs of BetaHeart, with each pack containing 28 sachets, or our NEW BetaHeart tubs which contain 14 days supply.

Just as BetaHeart makes sure to accommodate the dietary and health needs of those with sensitivities, we also make sure to accommodate your taste buds. 100% natural, BetaHeart is lightly sweetened with the all-natural extract of stevia leaves, making it a delicious, healthy and calorie-free alternative to less-effective products containing artificial sugars or sweeteners. BetaHeart is made with blended oats, barley, and all-natural ingredients.

Lowering cholesterol has never been easier or TASTIER!

I have high cholesterol and take Statins daily

Adding BetaHeart to your daily routine will help you reduce your level of LDL (bad) cholesterol to the point where you may slowly, and in consultation with your Doctor, be able to reduce your dosage of statins.


BetaHeart also provides a number of other valuable health benefits such as increasing your fibre intake, adding bulk to digested food to help restore regularity and healthier gut health, helping to activate and strengthen you health system.

I have high cholesterol and I may need to take drugs to control it

Make BetaHeart a part of your daily routine now and within weeks your body will see the benefits. BetaHeart can help to reduce your cholesterol to levels that are safe enough to be maintained without drugs. In combination with a balanced diet with healthy fats, BetaHeart is a useful tool in managing high cholesterol levels.

I am not aware of my cholesterol level

The Heart foundation advises that everyone over the age of 20 in Australia should generally get a regular cholesterol check. Even if you have a safe level of bad cholesterol you can still enjoy the great taste of BetaHeart and reap the many additional benefits of BetaHeart, like improved digestive and intestinal health, while helping to ensure your cholesterol stays at optimum levels*.

*Cholesterol levels are impacted by diet, general health, age and your genes. Taking BetaHeart will not necessarily ensure cholesterol levels remain low without taking these other factors into consideration.